"Being a Bride is like being a supermodel for the day ... The big difference is supermodels have guidance and years of experience. Brides don't - and they only get one shot at it."

It's your big day... Are YOU ready to ...
  • ...enjoy yourself to the utmost?
  • ...look and feel fantastic?
  • ...walk up that aisle and love every millisecond of your Wedding Day?

So many brides take so much time worrying about everyone else that they forget the number one item on the list that will make their day go like a dream - THEMSELVES!

The Bridal Coach will show YOU how to make your wedding day fabulous - by focussing on the most important element of your wedding - your confidence, calm and happiness.

Along the way, she'll show you countless tips on looking and feeling great, both inside and out, advise you on the right wedding dress for your body shape, how to select the best shoes and walk in them, how to pose in front of the camera, how to get your make-up and hair just right - and make sure that every single second is something you'll relish for the rest of your life.
Learn how to buy and wear the most comfortable wedding dress

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Find out how to make your BIG DAY go like a DREAM with The Bridal Coach!
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Appreciate every moment of your day

Bridal Coach Box What's In The Box?

Four DVDs and a free booklet giving you the secrets to make you:
  • calm and happy
  • brim with confidence
  • appreciate every moment of your day
You will also find out:
  • how to be the centre of attention and enjoy it
  • how to pose for the camera so you don't look like a meringue
  • how to buy and wear the most comfortable wedding shoes so that you feel comfortable all day
  • how to walk elegantly in high heels so you look poised and ultimately graceful
  • how to do your make-up just right from a top make-up professional.

Special Price £49.50 inc VAT £6.99 inc VAT
Yes, I want my wedding experience to be amazing!
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Plus, your bonus booklet:
The Bridal Coach Booklet

101 tips to make your wedding day go like a dream.

In your bonus booklet free with this CD, you will receive practical tips on beauty, emotional state, treating others just right and getting the very best from you day.